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Why Us?

"A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body."
ReadyPrep® 2020

Combining our experiences working in the Hospitality industry, we’ve worked a total of 20+ years. Whilst working in the most reputable hotels, restaurants and food manufactures in London, we’ve acquired valuable knowledge of food standards, applying it to our exclusive menu of tasty and wholesome recipes.

ReadyPrep® is an easy-to-use service that provides freshly prepared meals to your door, catering to all dietary needs. We are passionate about maximising the benefits of your food value, assisting a healthy lifestyle as well as your fitness journey.

Our Process


Order process is quick and fun.



You may eat your meals cold or simply warmed up for 3 minutes.



Enjoy your healthy, yummy meals without the stress of cooking.



As Chefs, we understand the struggle of finding the energy and time to prepare a decent meal, especially after a busy day. With ReadyPrep®, you’re promised a yummy meal with a great balance of macronutrients (MACROS), ready to be eaten whenever you choose to.


I said bye-bye to overpriced and unhealthy meal-deals as soon as I was introduced to ReadyPrep®. Spending less while eating better food. Highly recommended.

Timothy Jones - Self-employed father

I’m able to spend quality time with my children and run a small business, rather than slaving away at the cooker. Thank you for your hearty and delicious meals.

Sienna - Personal Trainer (PT)

As a PT, I am a walking business card. ReadyPrep® have helped maintain my figure, especially when cutting for bikini competitions. The pancakes are my go-to.

George, London - Property Developer

Great food, and well seasoned too! Hitting my MACROS goal. I’ve eaten other known meal prep and it doesn’t compare to ReadyPrep®. Thank you boys.


We are an open book, showing you what ingredients are used to prepare each meal and the value of MACROS. Counting your MACROS are particularly effective for weight-loss/gain because it sets dietary limits. For example, tracking MACROS may help those following a high-protein, low-carb diets, which is linked to weight-loss, leading to a healthier body mass index (BMI).




Offering a yummy blend of flavours, we’ll help you find the right meals for your dietary needs and preferences. Allergens are clearly highlighted in the food description, making the ordering process effortless and fun.

Tina - Wife and full-time carer

After my husband was discharged from hospital, I was told he had to follow a high-protein diet. I contacted ReadyPrep® for guidance. With their endless support, I was able to provide my husband exactly what he needed. He discovered his new love for tofu. We cannot thank your team enough.


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